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MBE Technologies Company provides the best security solutions for home and commercial,Telecoms solutions.

Services We Provide


CCTV Installation

MBETech is a specialist offering CCTV installation for homes and businesses in and around Eswatini. Call us today to request a quote


Site Build

If you’re coming to MBE Tech to assist you with the task of deploying a new telecom site, we can promise you, we will be the ones to do it and we’ll do it well.


Fire Alarms Systems

Smoke detectors and fire alarms are critical to protecting your home and family. Protect your home with a fire detection system.


Site Maintenance

A turn-key telecommunication tower site construction and maintenance company. We perform all aspects of construction, and general site maintenance.


Intrusion Systems

We've got you covered. Our intrusion alarm systems are the best at catching intruders with freedom from annoying false alarms.Get a quote Asap.


Microwave Installation

MBE handles the complete range of tasks needed to implement turnkey microwave backhaul networks and we are proudly maintaining them for our customers.


Tower Rigging

MBE Tech is a full service provider for Tower planning, site acquisition, installation, inspection, repairs, rigging and dismantling.


Access Control Systems

Access control is the method to restrict access to any resource and only those who are granted permission can access the controlled area .

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